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Workshop/Training Development:


Learning opportunities are available for both youth and adults in the areas of education, life skills and public health. We provide these opportunities to individuals, school districts, health centers, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, etc. From online trainings to in-person and customized trainings and workshops, our clients are kept abreast of the latest research and best practices to be successful in achieving their objectives and goals. Some of these workshops and trainings are as follows:  


  • Addressing Myths around HIV

  • What Non-Clinicians Need to Know about HIV Stigma to Better Serve Their Clients

  • Diabetes Prevention 101

  • What Everyone Should Know about HIV and other STDs

  • What Everyone Should Know about HIV and Stigma

  • HIV Prevention 101

  • Financial Literacy 101 for Youth (A one-day or more workshop or 12-week program)

  • Financial Literacy 101 (A one-day or more workshop or 12-week program for adults)

  • How to Study Smart and not Hard

  • Learning How to Think Critically by Using Quotes

  • How to Retain Your Students

  • How to Better Prepare Yourself to Win Scholarships! (For youth)

  • How to Better Prepare Our Youth to Win Scholarships! (For parents and educators)

  • Preventing Teen Pregnancy, HIV and STDs in the Mississippi Delta (a six- or 12-week program)

Grant Writing Assistance:


Grant writing services are available for individuals and organizations wanting to compete for private and government grant funding.  We offer services in the following areas: 


  • Grant Writing Training

  • Grant Reviewing for Funding Agencies 

  • Grant Proofreading and Editing

  • Grant Writing Consultation

  • Grant Writing Team Facilitation and Support

In-Service Training/Staff Development/Staff Retreat:


We will develop an in-service training, staff development, or staff retreat to meet the needs of your school or organization. You determine the topics and the timeframe of the event, and we deliver it whether you want a half-day staff development, two to three-day in-service training, or a week-long staff retreat.

Grant Writing
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